About Us

Dance classes teach dancers more than just dance.

 To see a student become an accomplished dancer is an amazing feeling. What makes this dance school different? A director who is not only a mom, but has been a dancer, competitive dancer, teacher, choreographer, dance studio receptionist , assistant to director as well as a DANCE MOM. She understands your wants and needs and can address issues before they even occur.  

At STEPPING OUT, self-esteem and positive reinforcement are stressed rather than competitive motivation. Each individual is encouraged to reach their highest potential without comparisons to other students. Much personal attention is given in each class by highly trained staff and amazing assistants.

Opening a dance studio is a dream that many students and teachers of dance have. Having a space in which one can express their own thoughts and take others through the journey is a wonderful concept. With the increase in reality television programs that focus on dance, a lot of people now want to learn different styles. Unlike the last few decades, dance has become a choice rather than an enforced childhood activity or lesson.
There is a beauty in dancing that few of us can deny. By learning to dance, we take that beauty and put it within our heart and souls.  Joining dance classes is a great way to start learning the basics of dance and bringing some much need joy and benefit to yourself and the whole world.

Children are encouraged to support and assist each other, focus on building their dance technique, and then develop a healthy competitive attitude. The student that decides to join the competition teams will have a rich, rewarding and successful experience competing locally. 

We encourage our students to perform at many local events.  We at STEPPING OUT will try to give them many opportunities to perform to make them learn how to be comfortable on stage and to bring out the exciting performer that lives inside of them.

Our studio offers a marley covered, sprung foam floor, therefore providing our dancers with a safe dancing environment.  We use large mirrors to help students see and make corrections.  Our lobby includes a monitor into the studio, allowing parents to easily observe their dancer's entire class, if they choose.

Here at STEPPING OUT we believe there are so many benefits and advantages to being a performing arts student that include:

Self Expression – Our need to express the thoughts inside can take many forms. As an art form, dance classes are a great place to express emotions, ideas and feelings that have been locked away for too long. Most dancers put a lot of their own self into their movements and it reflects in the grace and beauty.
Exercising The Body – Apart from the ability to let out emotions, dancing also allows the body to exercise in a manner that is engaging and entertaining. Most forms of dance count as strenuous forms of exercise and can help in keeping the body fit and healthy. In children, dance classes are said to be instrumental in building stronger bones and healthy muscles.
Becoming More Creative – Creating a dance routine requires a fair amount of creativity. While instructors can teach the individual steps, it is up to the student to combine them in new and different ways. The world of dancing rarely remains fixed in one place. Students of dance help it evolve and in the process, they find a new way to channel their own creativity.
Learning A Skill – Dancing is not simply a form of art. It is also a skill that can come in handy on a number of occasions. Dance classes teach their students the skills involved in using every part of the body properly and it comes in handy during stretching, doing yoga or even in cleaning the house. ;)
Increasing Confidence – One of the fringe benefits of joining dance classes is the increase in confidence among the students. 
Meet New People – Joining dance classes is a great way to meet new people.  The students will find common minded people and make a new friends along the way.
Reduce Stress – When we dance, the brain releases hormones designed to make us happy. In the process, these hormones target one of the biggest issues we face in our  lives. It reduces the stress we deal with each day and replaces it with feelings of happiness and contentment.

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