Musical Theater/Vocal Programs

Jr. Musical Theater (Ages 7-11)

 Focus on applying and bringing together the disciplines of singing, acting, and dancing, to create an effective presentation,then creating staging and choreography for performance. The Musical Theatre classes explore a diversity of rehearsal tools and techniques in pursuit of a dynamic and authentic performance. This is key in preparing for a serious pursuit of Musical Theatre, 

Class includes group vocal training, acting, improv, theater dance, staging and audition preparation. 

Broadway Bound (12 and up)

Join this skill-based musical theater program focusing on the vocal, dramatic, and dance aspects needed to perform on stage with comfort and ease. Theater games help students discover their acting talents. Basic choreography will be introduced. Students will also take part in mock auditions.Class includes group vocal training, acting, improv, theater dance, staging and audition preparation. 

Private vocal lessons are recommended and are a great asset while taking this class.

Private Vocal Training 

 Students will learn singing technique including breathing, articulation, technique and choral basics. They will learn how to choose the right song, explore what the lyrics mean and how to communicate with an audience. A deeper connection to performing songs will result in having more confidence on stage and in auditions. Students will also learn guidelines for staying true to both the journey of the song and their journey as a performer.  In private lessons, students explore their singing voices as musical instruments and learn the proper technique, ensuring healthy singing habits and creating the best sound possible. Beginning singers work to strengthen the upper register. Students will be assigned songs both to improve their technique AND for their repertoire books for auditions. Singing lessons focus on coordinating muscle strength and agility in the throat and larynx (voice box), and learning breath support for your tone. Belters become more adept at using their mix and head voice registrations. “Legit” voices (classically trained singers) learn to use their mix voice with a more commercial belt/chest register production, working to engage the natural speaking mechanism.

Private Lessons
 1/2 hour
(must book time to reserve spot)
Piano Lessons
Beginning Piano Lessons  Students will learn the beginnings of reading music, the names and notes and keys, scales, and learn to play beginner pieces. All piano lessons are catered to each individual student, focused on their specific strengths and their opportunities for growth.

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