Company Dance Team 2018-2019

Company Dance Team


We had an amazing year at 3 Regional Dance Competitions. We also started our Pre-Company Team who competed in 2 of them as first time competitors.  We are so proud of all of our girls and all of their hard work. 

Senior Company

Lyrical-"Wild Horses"Diamond Placement, 2nd Place Overall, High Gold Placement, 2 Top First Placement Awards, High Point Award, First Place Overall Winner

Jazz-"Crazy Little Thing Called Love" Platinum Placement, Special Award "Ultimate Crowd Pleaser" High Gold Placement, First and Top First Placement, Special Award "A+ Timing" and Invitation to "Hollywood Dance Invitational"

Tap-"Take on Me"- 2 High Gold Placements, First Place Placement

Lyrical Solo"Time to Say Goodbye"- Stephanie-Platinum Placement, 3rd Place Overall Winner, High Gold Placement, 10th Place Overall, Elite Top First, Invitation to attend "Hollywood Dance Invitational"

Jazz Solo- "Mama Knows Best" Keriana- High Gold Placement, Gold Placement, Top First Placement

Tap Solo- "Fighter" - Keriana - 2 High Gold Placements,Special Award "Electric Energy", and a First Place Placement

Open Solo- "Bottom of the River" Ava-Diamond Placement, High Gold Placement, Top First Placement

Contemporary Solo- "River" Beth-High Gold Placement, Special Award "Incredible Intensity" Gold Placement, Top First Placement

Lyrical Duet "Footprints in the Sand" Ava and Stephanie-Platinum Placement, 5th Place Award, Special Award "Gorgeous and GraceAward" High Gold Placement, Special Award "Emotional Execution", Top First Placement, Invitation to attend "Hollywood Dance Invitational"


 Tap Duet "Goody Goody"- Hannah and Katie- Gold Placement, and First Place Placement

Company Dance Team 2016-2017 

Congrats to all our dancers at Beyond the Stars competition ! You guys rocked the stage and received so many amazing awards!💗
Our special awards: Junior Comp Duet- "Excellent Expressions", Junior Company Jazz - "Fierce & Fabulous", Ava- "Lovely Lines and Leaps" Senior Comp Jazz- "Cool, Strong, Confident"
Our Placements: 10th Place- Junior Comp Duet, 3rd Place- Ava- Platinum, 3rd Place Trio, 10th Place Senior Comp Lyrical, 6th place Senior Comp Jazz 8th Place Keriana, 6th Place Ally, 3rd Place Steph - Platinum 
We also received the Most Entertaining Award- Junior Comp Jazz, Choreography Award- Senior Comp Lyrical 

So what an amazing end to a fabulous competition season!
We are in awe of how far all the dancers have come since September. 
We finished out our season at an intense and difficult competition but those girls gave them a run for their money. What an experience to be in a positive environment and not just have fun but work hard. It takes passion and hard work to achieve your goals and you girls proved that!
Here for the last time this season are our results.
Ava "Orange Colored Sky" 5th place overall soloists 13-15
Steph "Fame" Ist place overall and title soloist winner soloist 16 and over 
Ally "That's Life" 4th place overall soloists 16 and over
           plus INVITATION to join 2017 National Dance Team
Keriana "I Wanna Dance" 5th place overall soloists 16 and over
           Special Award " Radiant Stage Performance"
Senior Company "Cold Hearted Snake" 2nd place overall groups 13-15
Senior Company "Open Arms" 7th place overall groups 13-15
Senior Company "Rock You" 9th place overall groups 13-15
            plus INVITATION to join 2017 National Dance Team
Senior Company "Umbrella" 5th place overall duets 13-15 
            plus INVITATION to join 2017 National Dance Team
Senior Company "Poison' and "Hold Back the River" 1st and 2nd overall Duets/Trio 16-18
            Special Award "Poison" Stunning Jazzy"
Junior Company "River Deep" 5th place overall groups 10-12 
            Special Award "Energy & Enthusiasm"
Junior Company "Folding Chair" 
             INVITATION to join 2017 National Dance Team
             Special Award "Storytellers Award"

Wait until they see what we have for them next year!!

Stepping Out PAC had such an amazing competition at KAR Competition!

Congrats to our soloists Steph and Ally with placing in the Top Intermediate Solo Category. Also our soloist Ava with an invitation to Hollywood and placed! 
Congrats to our Senior Company Lyrical with getting a High Point Award, Invitation to Hollywood and Placing! 
Lastly Congrats to our Trio with placing in the Top Intermediate Duo/Trio Category!
So proud of our "Studio of Excellence Award" to be recognized as not only great dancers but great people was a great honor! 

We also received the title of "Best Intermediate Studio!

We couldn't be more proud of our dancers, staff and parents!

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