You are never too old for a dream to come true! Why I opened a dance studio at 43 years old.

July 22, 2016


You are never too old for a dream to come true! Why I am opening a dance studio at 43 years old.
    Life is all about choosing a path. Which path will lead you to where you want to be. Or where DO you want to be? Is it the right path? or the left?
    As a child who loved to dance I think probably like most young dancers I dreamed of owning a dance studio, but like all children, being an adult seems so far away that usually those dreams end up in the vapor like being an astronaut or President of the United States. 
     Circumstances change and life goes on. Every decision I made lead me to this point. I didn't go away to college, went part time at night so I could work during the day. If this decision was different I would not have met my husband at the early age of 20. Popular decision or not I got married at 21 and we decided to start having children. I had my first at 23 and from then on I walked the path of motherhood, that was my path, my happy and there was never a regret in my mind.
    I was happy to be there for my kids, do for my kids, live FOR my kids. Well, like a good ex-dance kid when my oldest daughter turned three I registered her for dance classes and of course my second daughter right behind her.  Life just seemed to move forward, happy and content. I took a job at my child's dance studio behind the desk to help pay for my girl's classes. I was part of that world again and it felt great to be involved and be a part of it and do it with my girls. The opportunity came to start taking dance classes again so even being a little apprehensive I jumped right in. It was just for me, another happy. It all came right back to me. 
    In an amazing turn of fate I was asked to start teaching. Even being scared, my gut told me to work through the nerves and just go for it. I slowly got myself back into it. It took awhile for me to get into the flow, but I loved it! Long story short, as the years went on, I became more involved in every aspect of the studio and I felt like I was home. It was where I was meant to be. I loved not just teaching but all the joy it brings being with the dancers and their parents. That feeling I had when I was a kid came back to me, to want to be an influential part of a dancer's life in any way I can. 
    So now I had the passion and the drive, what do I do? Without many details I had to decide the path I wanted to take again. Do I stay where I have been all these years or take that chance, at my age, to start a new scary adventure? Is it too late to change your destiny? Is it worth trying? Can I do it? I was questioning myself. But what really got me through was not only one person but so many people encouraging me (and you all know who you are). Sometimes it takes other people to see the dream in you. Having encouraging people around you, telling you to go for your dreams, and that life is for living it to the fullest, to make your mark, and to follow your heart. This is what gave me the momentum to keep going. I finally realized it is better to try and fail than to fail to try. I wanted this, I wanted this for me, my daughters, my students, past and future.I didn't want to bear the burden of regretting never trying. 
    So with a very little time frame I started on my path. It is very scary yet very exciting. Some days are good and some days are bad but that doesn't mean it isn't worth it. So here I am at 43 taking that right turn (or left) but either way there is still plenty of time and plenty of path to conquer. You are never too old to dream and for that dream to come true. 

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