Quotes I seem to repeat over and over and why

October 15, 2018


For the last few months I knew in the back of my head that I really should be writing a new blog since my last one was in December 2017 (ugh). I never wanted my blog to be forced. I wanted it to be a topic that found me. This subject just kept popping up in my head.I have started to realize recently that I do seem to say the same things over and over again at the studio. (and I sometimes feel like I annoy parents a little because I repeat myself a lot) So here are a few I believe I say a lot and why I say them.

“If you are not having fun...why do it?”

I found myself telling the above quote to students in the last few months of the season last year during classes and rehearsals and then to the parents in discussions about classes, rehearsals, and competitions. Even as I was typing this quote now I also had a realization. Wait, this is not just about the kids. This applies to me, this applies to the staff, and wait….even the parents!

Life is busy, life is crazy, why would you pay money, take time out of your schedule and invest in something that isn’t fun and a positive experience. Also the second part of this idea is that having fun does not mean you are working hard.“You can still have fun while working hard”

“I’m a mom first...I understand where you are coming from”

This is one I find myself saying all the time, especially this year with about 25 new families so far this year who have joined our studio. They don’t know me yet (well I hope they do now), they don’t have to explain their concerns about their children, I understand. I am not only a mom, but a mom of dancers. I am always willing to listen and try to understand and are willing to work with the parents to see what is best not only for the students but the family. If I expect a family to spend their money and time at my studio then I want them to know they are equally important at the studio. I am you, I have been in your shoes, oh and also I know i annoy you with my stories of not only raising girls but raising dancers/performers. We all have war stories and have some laughs ( and tears)

“It’s ok if you can’t do it, it is my job to teach you”

Maybe I am showing my age, but it seems to me that a majority of kids today are always so worried that they are not doing a skill correctly as soon as they learn it. I don’t know if that is a sign of the times because everything is so instantaneous through technology, but I wish they would realize it is ok to take time to learn, it is ok to fail, it is ok to keep trying. There are so many the students say “I’m sorry” or “I can’t do it” when we are working on technique. I always say to them that they shouldn’t know how to do it yet because we are just learning. They need time to understand it, absorb it and then perfect it. I hope they realize it is safe space to learn and express their feelings.

“Just shine”

I do have to admit, I don’t say these “exact” words all the time, but I definitely do try to get this across. It is not about perfect technique all the time, bring your personality across, tell your story. Don’t think too much, don’t worry too much, this is your time to show off and shine.

"My studio is like this by design, it might not be for everyone but that is ok"

I have been so humbled and honored to have had so many new families join us this season, many who have come from other studios. It is almost embarrassing to say how many times they have said how welcoming we are and how much their kids love it here. Also that they love coming here and that everyone has been so nice and friendly. It seems to have been a seamless transition with so many new students. I keep having to repeat to the parents that they don’t have to thank me, my studio is how it is BY DESIGN. This is what I wanted for my studio. I always want them to know that. I also know that is not what everyone is looking for and all studios are different and it depends what type you are looking for and that is ok. But it makes me feel so good that not only are the kids happy here but so are the parents and not only BECAUSE their kids love it but even all the parents are comfortable here. Almost every night we fill the waiting room and have amazing adult time and conversation. So not only do they feel good being there they have actually enhanced my second home and made it into a great extended dance family. I love that everyone gets along and respects each other and can have fun.

So thank you not only for reading all the way through which is another quote i say a lot.

“I know you won’t read everything all the way through” .that one usually gets a laugh.

And also thank you for allowing me to always repeat myself, because I want to make sure my thoughts and values get across. So I will now quote my grandmother who used to repeat her stories all the time and then she would say “I know I told you this before but you are going to hear it again.”



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